Will I Know You Then

by three man cannon



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released November 6, 2015



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three man cannon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A four-piece band.


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Track Name: Honest
It's alright
Why don't you let it inside?
Trace the bad parts back to your mind
It's okay
Because we both walk the same way
Slightly unsure and scared of everything
But I don't know the kind of state you're in
Im always running around
It's only on the outside of my skin
I want to make it go away
I'll make it go away
Use me for anything I'm worth
I won't mind, I don't know how to make it hurt
But conflict turns into nothing
When we both fall asleep
A broken voice I keep inside of me
Wants to ask won't you stay?
Won't you stay with me?
Don't hide your sun away
Track Name: Coma'd
I saw god sitting
In my car
Thanks for all the phobias and nightmares guys
When I was young I felt
Guilty for my whiteness and I deserved the punch that I caught
But I don't know how true that was
Now I can't take it
So I give it away
Charge double and put some gas in my car
You love stressful love
Something's sneaking in
Frozen artificial skin
I wanna write about digging the real thing
So far it hasn't meant shit
You love stressful love
Track Name: Gold or Silver
You're sunken eyes
I'm over it
You win
You found a clever way to sin
Beg for it now
They want you to
Beg for it now
They'll make you move
I don't want to die that way
There goes their man
With something secret in his hand
I love him dearly
But he doesn't seem to get me
I wish that I were someone new
Then I wouldn't wait for you
Oh my god it is such a hard thing to do
But it's all I have left
Just because you want it doesn't make it appear
It's not a perfect world, don't forget that my dear
You are not alone when you feel that way
For what it's worth
This summer I found a way to keep it down
If this is the place, let it be the case
Why don't you let it inside?
You have to be right all of the time
It doesn't matter what they say
Never thought it through anyway
Track Name: Pushing People
I shouldn't have left when I did
I was feeling sick at just the thought of it
All you do is look up when you are beneath it all
Don't feel tired
They already know that you don't know yourself
My friends got a friend who knows how to forget why
You got yourself caught up in a bad way this time
Yeah it's gonna hurt but what can you do about it?
Throw a bottle off the overpass
And watch it hit the ground so fast
I only laughed because you laughed, it doesn't mean I think it's funny
I was pulling myself out of it while a stranger lit a cigarette and told me not to worry I don't believe her but it's reassuring
If you need a sedative, you only get what you give but you can't make them as strong as you used to
Take a breath and hold it in
And remember what it's like to live
They won't see you disappear
What's it take to be who you want?
Track Name: Mood
I pick you up from the corner downtown
Just to drop you off again
You know I'm good at keeping secrets
For myself and my fuckin stories
I choose to remain on the lighter side
How come I came to feel nothing?
The blacks and the grays all swirling together
I can't choose to decipher
Spinning deeper into a dark place
Always together
Spinning deeper
Track Name: Now Nothing
The ride home was punishment enough
We don't need to be reminded
We can be as ugly as we want to be
Why waste it and keep it inside?
Out there they're selling everything you want
As long as you know how to buy
When you close your eyes do you see a darkness?
Deeper than you'd ever need?
I was coming down from it when I took the walk
Me and your shadow have something in common
We don't have to be enemies but we don't get along
I was coming down from it when I took the walk
Do it or don't