by three man cannon

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released February 5, 2013



all rights reserved


three man cannon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A four-piece band.

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Track Name: Wonderful Lungs
Today I woke up with a head full of regret and the sum of all my parts
We saw all the ugly things that are hidden in our bodies all long

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
All the pretty children
Standing in the kitchen
Praying for admission
To something that they're missing

I heard the bad news the other day
The dirt is under our nails from clawing at the garden
Where all the dirty words bloom like precious flowers
Is there a better way? I don't know.
We are constant machines it's time we take the time to breathe.
Track Name: Comb
The seasons
bring the change
Why won't you answer your telephone?
call me
back when you get this message
I'll be a hundred miles away
I can't say it was just the silence that got me
maybe it was just the lack of anything at all
letters come
from unfamiliar senders
You're right, It's been a while
since we last talked
since we last saw
the skin we're growing into
How does yours fit you?
Maybe you'll hear from me next year when I'm not such an asshole
and you can tell all your friends back home you were right
I'm such an asshole
Now it's already late December
and I'm still sitting here talking to myself
At least that means that I've got someone to assure me that I've been doing well
Call me whatever you want to
I already see my worst parts showing 
Track Name: The Egoist
Where has your hell gone?
You turned off the lights for settling down
You can fly, but you soaked those socks

Maroon Bloom on the street in the summertime
You're in bloom and I told you you'd feel cement's suck
We're in here, and I feel the spoons piling up
I feel like I named you separate from

Little Stephen
Things are growing up
Now, we're in the room laced with ivy cups
The lights are back on

We're alone but we have to choose
You can fly, but you're not the one
We have to decide when the car door opens
If you want to get in or put it on

I feel like I named you separate from
Turned off the lights for settling down
You can fly, but it's all gone wrong

I feel like I named you separate from
Black coffee grounds in a couple's yard
White soil in a couple's yard, fall apart
Track Name: Los Ruiz
Crawl up the stairs, circle the one that you want
We're all brilliant actors until we're home alone
I know, I know, I know, I know
We try to hold onto this feeling
even though we know that it's fleeting
Come on now. I don't believe we're as weak as we pretend
A creaky old house but you are the beautiful one
I am the television turned off and you're on speakerphone
hello? hello?
Simple, undefined it's easy to know what you want
I saw you through a screen as your hands cupped the missed connotation
but if it keeps you calm, then it's all the same
Terrible words only come from a
complacent head like the one that you keep
on the side of your bed next to things that help you feel asleep
You told me that I believe in nothing
But calculate
Its not your fault
My habits on a matchbook in a waiting room
and cold concrete home
We all know the worst but the rest with purpose
Remember your first day with your anxious panic?
We are safe, we are home, we are